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How could I not take on this position? Listjno how could I not take it on now? Now more than ever, our nation s future depends on how you and I do our part to ensure that every talented young person with the dream and desire for a better future from whatever background, with whatever financial means or personal hardships has the opportunity to receive a first-class education and build the foundation on which those dreams will be built.

Many years ago, I traveled along my own rocky road to bring myself listno this country and get the education that started me on the long and wonderful journey bringing listin to where I am today. Thanks to the opportunity to realize my own dreams, I have been able to watch with pride as my own two children immerse themselves in all the rich experiences that GW has to offer.

How phenomenal it would be if my own personal investment of time, money, and effort into the Parents Campaign Philanthropy Board were to give this same opportunity to more young people who might otherwise be unable to enter through GW s gates.

How much more phenomenal still if that number was to multiply thanks to the collective efforts of us all! I encourage you to join me and my fellow Board arpaport in investing in the future of our students and the university.

Volunteer your time, share your ideas, and contribute financially. Why not us and why not now? This support was vital to enriching the scholastic and extracurricular experiences of all our students and substantially aided GW in its continued effort to remain among prominent urban research universities.

The Parents Campaign will concentrate on these initiatives in the coming year and we look forward to working with you to address these specific needs. The Parents Campaign Donor Report was carefully compiled and edited. However, if there are errors or omissions, please contact Regan Yates-Reddick at so that we may promptly resolve the issue.

Again, your commitment to the university is very much appreciated.


Listino dei diamanti Rapaport – Investment Diamond Company

Gifts from parent donors are having transformational effects on our students and we are grateful for your support. Please accept our personal thanks for your generosity. However, many students rely on student aid to make that experience possible.

Nationwide, institutions of higher learning are grappling with difficult economic realities listin have increased both the demand for student aid and the difficulty in adequately providing it to qualified students.

Accomplishing this goal not only relieves graduates of large debt loads, providing them with greater career and vocational opportunities, but also reduces the reliance on tuition dollars that support student aid. Improving our student aid resources enables the university to continue to attract and recruit the best students in our nation and rappaort world.

Diamond Index

With your help, GW will continually seek to ensure the excellence of our students and their ability to attend our university. Twelve schools and colleges house the undergraduate and graduate academic programs at the George Washington University. Each one has needs that are unique to its own mission, faculty, and students. One of the best tools to move each school and college in a promising direction is each school s Dean s Fund.

Gifts to Deans Funds provide for the most critical needs: In addition to major and planned gifts for endowments and capital projects, your gift to Deans Funds enables GW to remain lsitino while addressing each school or college s most important needs. Contact the Parents Campaign at for more information on rapapodt you can give to the GW school or college of your choice.

Smith Center The Charles E. Smith Center is on the verge of a major transformation. Through renovations within the building s existing structure, the Charles E.

Smith Center will become a signature building, rapaoprt both architecture and function, in the heart of the Foggy Bottom campus. Interior upgrades include a new academic center for student-athletes, improved arena seating, enhanced training and weight room facilities, and a renovated natatorium. The building was named for the late Charles E. Smith and Charles E. Smith Family Foundations and Robert P. Their commitment comes in the form of a challenge to alumni, parents, and friends to help fund the transformation, and will be paid as it is matched.

For more information about the Charles E. Smith Center transformation, naming opportunities, and the Smith and Kogod families challenge, visit go. With its extensive print and electronic collections and the research and writing instruction provided across disciplines by its full-time librarians, Gelman library is striving to lead the way in addressing the changing information needs of a worldclass university. However, the first floor of Gelman Library has changed little since the library opened indespite the advances in technology and the more than 5, students, faculty, and researchers who walk through the doors daily.


Parents Campaign Donor Report July 1, 2009 June 30, 2010

GW is planning a major renovation of Gelman Library s first floor to create a state-of-the-art learning center, which will include group study space, an extensive information hub for library services, and cutting-edge technology.

A gift to the learning center will improve library services for students for years to come. For more information on Estelle and Marvin Gelman Library giving opportunities, visit go.

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Levine BA 76 Patricia R. Moore and Wynne W. Szeto Michael Mustafaga and Ellen L. Romanoff Robert and Jodi L. Santemma and Carol M. Silidker BA 74 Jeffrey S. Silverman BA 84 and Elese F.

Silverman BA 84 David B. Barkan MA 86 William G. Calaman and Marjorie Nesbitt Dean J. Farren and Barbara A. Gehen MS 83 and Bruce E. MS 66 and Avis C. Alperstein BA 77 and Leslie M. Bensinger MD 67 Fred S. Canter MD 55 and Dorothy A. Granton and Alessandro Papa Walter F. Kaplan and Paul Colarulli Theodore N. Kaplan BA 74 and Roberta F. Klock and Pamela Megna Fernando A. Lesavoy Carol Levitt Dena W. Luxenberg BA 74 and Jerry S. Mancusi-Ungaro and Maureen P. Nair and Monica M.

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