Check out Landi: Augellin (Arr. Voice & Electric Guitar) by Nora Fischer & Marnix Dorrestein on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now. Stefano Landi (baptized 26 February – 28 October ) was an Italian composer and teacher of the early Baroque Roman School. He was an influential . A song where this varied realization is obvious is Stefano Landi’s “Augellin.” Landi ( – ) was a minor composer of the early baroque.

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One of the things I love most about early baroque music as compared to most later classical music is that it can be realized in so many ways. You can pretty much use whatever instruments you have lying lajdi, and the bass part augeklin usually only sketched, not written out. Starting at about the time of J. But especially in the s the balance of power in interpretation was much more heavily weighted in favor of the performers than in later music.

An interesting thing about the song is that it has no bass part written out at all, not even sketched.

I suppose it could be sung as a solo a cappellabut every recording I have ever heard created a bass part. The lyrics are typical of the seventeenth century: Finally she kisses him, he feels the dawn, and he tells the bird to sing for both its and his delight. Here is a beautiful version of the song, performed by the Russian group Canto Vivo.


The video has a fixed camera but I enjoy watching the musicians because they look like they come from the seventeenth century. This rendition features a lute and a baroque guitar, which seems plausible as a realization of the song at the time it was written, because it is not too elaborate.

The lute intro picks up little phrases from the melody, cunningly interspersed with typical ornamental motifs, but the lute and guitar provide energetic and integrated support once the singer begins.

Of course, a group can have a few more than the basic one or two accompanists and still sound good.

The singer is an angelic tenor from Naples named Marco Beasley. The lyrics are below, and I think they repay a little attention. You can buy the whole wonderful album from Amazon. Little bird You chase your love All the time From beech tree to pine; Spreading the lndi word You strengthen My lament with your song.

#augellin | Become Who You Are

See the copyright notice below. The translation is provided as an aid to musicians and audiences. Publication of the translation in print or digital formats is lanid forbidden unless permission from the author laandi been first obtained and acknowledgement of authorship is duly made. Permission will usually be granted so please contact Paul Archer with details of how you wish to make use of the translation.

So far we have two rather different-sounding renditions of the same song. But we can top that. Sometimes old wine can be placed into new bottles, which I suppose the New Testament would find acceptable.


Next up is a version by a jazz group led by Francesco Turrisi. In general, I like the stresses and dynamics of her singing best.

She seems to feel freer to inhabit the character of the singer, to act it out. I know it from modern popular music, which is quite acted out.

Augellin che’l tuo amor

Sanabras delivers the song that way because she is primarily a popular singer. There is some very nice improvisation going on here.

A departure from the sheet music is something jazz shared with early baroque music. You can buy the song from Amazon. Well, there you have three strikingly different versions of one of my favorite songs, and I hope you share my wonder at how the same basic thing can sound so different.

And I hope you found a new song for your listening joy, too! I am putting one more link way down at the bottom, which I think most people should ignore.

Stefano Landi

It is the score of the song. Using the metronome icon, you can change the tempo. This is in the nature of a toy, lzndi than a thing of beauty, however. Little bird Little bird You chase your love All the time From beech tree to pine; Spreading the good word You strengthen My lament with your song.