The Baphomet [Pierre Klossowski, Sophie Hawkes, Stephen Sartarelli] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fiction. Pierre Klossowski’s last. the critics’ prize that year to Klossowski’s final novel, Le Baphomet. For critical accounts of all these novels see Ian James, Pierre Klossowski: The Persistence. Pierre Klossowski – The Baphomet by duarte0martinho.

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The Baphomet by Pierre Klossowski.

Oct 15, Andrew added it Shelves: Sep 07, Alex Lee rated it it was amazing Shelves: As a boy Pierre met Andre Gide in the Klossowski home and sealed a friendship with Andre by sharing with him his collection of Moroccan postcards featuring images of young boys. Beloved — Toni Morrison. Is kossowski place they are in physical; does it exist in the present, or is it just a memory or has the story just moved back in time or what?

I thought that, given it’s a novel, it had been miss-shelved. Nobody care about them anymore.

Oct 13, Owen rated it it was ok. Pure theory is often a stretch for me. Il Bafometto a quei tempo era venerato come un idolo, rappresentato da un teschio umano, una testa umana o una testa di legno o di metallo con capelli neri ricci, o a volte con un gatto nero.

What the hell was that? In this erotic, metaphysical, and theological novel, the spirits of medieval Templar monks gather on the anniversary of their Grand Master’s torment and execution. Those poor poor Templars. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

The Baphomet

Invisible Man — Ralph Ellison. Theresa who spoke to him as he died.

The author explains that her organ of arousal, when stimulated, is comparable in dimension to the analogous organ of a boy. Did I mention that it’s still incredibly work-intensive to parse out these convoluted arguments and theories? The Map and the Territory — Michel Houellebecq. The setting, tone, and style are at first gothic, but with the appearance of the disembodied spirit of Saint Teresa of Avila baroque elements begin to dominate and to mix with evocations of Masonic and esoteric ritual, Gnostic heresy, and theological but also philosophical discussion.


Refresh and try again. To be What is this?

Christopher Mildren rated it liked it Aug 10, Ruiz is philosophically dense enough on his own though in a more digestible and playful manner so I feel that bapuomet background familiarity is warranted before approaching that work. To ask other readers questions about The Baphometplease sign up. Monk blowjobs, baphmet what. The Baphomet — Pierre Klossowski. It’s difficult to write about this book, since it defies any sense of genre. Apr 14, Lex Poot rated it did not like it Shelves: I follow the prologue well enough, but a bit of history would probably help.

I felt like in The Baphomet, you were supposed to just admire the theory and not What the hell was that? In this narrative, the ghosts of Templar monks reassemble each year to commemorate their immolation, and engage in demonic possession of unwary animals and small children. Moreover, in Klossowski, the sustained quasi-theatrical poses making up the sexual scenes do not particularly create the illusion of continuous sexual movement.

The Baphomet – Wikipedia

Teresa was a mystic who described her religious ecstasy in orgasmic terms, while the Templars were accused of worshiping a pagan idol, the Baphomet, and conducting rituals including sodomy.

Moby Dick — Herman Melville. Kloossowski — Vladimir Nabokov. The Scarlet Letter — Nathaniel Hawthorne. The Foucault prologue was unbelievably boring, surprisingly, and Klossowski’s explanations appendix also sort of destroyed koossowski of the mysteries of the whole thing i.


Posted January 5, by Lale Eskicioglu.

I actually had to re-read most of the prologue to make out fully which intrigues and scandals were in effect here, but on that second pass they were delectably lurid.

This is just really tough, not so much fun, dubiously rewarding. So, will the souls of the dearly departed remember their temporal lives are will they gradually subsume into something like the Body of Christ? Theresa is one of the blessed, but she has been granted a dispensation to hang around looking after the soul of her former confessor.

Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. Pierre Klossowski managed singlehandedly to create an experimental eschatological myth, flowery hierographic extravaganza, heretical treatise and Gnostic fable — call it as you please, there are no analogues in literature.

Le Baphomet, a singular, Walter Scott-inspired tale about the Knights Templar, is set, initially at least, at the beginning of the fourteenth century just before the dissolution of the Templar Order at the behest of the then French king, Philippe Le Bel. Fede rated it really liked it Apr 11, Nov 21, Michael A. Still, it remains difficult to read his works without recalling his long training for the Catholic priesthood.