Marmas are the vital points of the body. Prana (life energy) flows through the body channeled through marmas or vital points. A marma point is a juncture on the. As per the human body science in kalari marma, the treatment works according to the marma point(life points in the body), kai-uzhichil (hands massage), chavutti.

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Healing has always been an important part of martial arts. After 12 years of learning Kalari from the Kalari Masters, the students apply the treatment on patients. We offer services in budget, standard and luxury categories. It was used extensively by ancient surgeons who would not cut energy channels when they would operate. There are total marma points in the body in which 64 are considered as kulamarma deadly pointswhich can be used to heel or to harm the body.

Kalari massage blends the body, mind and spirit.

The mind is considered as the th marma. The body is prepared for improving the flexibility by making use of Uzhichil or massages with specially prepared oils herbal extracts are added which also provides an effective treatment for rheumatic complaints and nervous disorders.

Showing some vital marma points of the body.

CVN Kalari Marma Healing

Due to which the person undergoing the treatment gets a healthy condition and thus his lifespan increases. After the complete observation of a patient the Kalari Masters decide the treatment by checking their nerves, and the medicines differ from patient to patient. The kalari master has an extreme knowledge about psycho-physiological aspects and poknts knowledge of the body’s vital spots ‘Marma’.

In doing so, it harmonizes the biological system of the body.

Kalari therefore aims to make the practitioner not just a warrior but a self-healer, and one who can also help others with his healing powers. Provides full relaxation and releases emotional stress. This gives him extraordinary control over his body and thus the control marja the vital energy.

Where as in pointa same place Modern medicine wastes a lot of money and time in finding out the cause of a disease and if they lack finding the proper medicine for the patient then there is no doubt that they will have to continue this medicine till the end of their life.


The Masters used to transfer the secrets of Kalari-Marma only after the completion of Kalaripayattu. Here the treatment works according to the nature of the body. kwlari

Marma Healing

Compared to Kalari-Marma treatment, Ayurveda is very easy for learning and that is why more people choose to study Ayurveda treatment and become doctors. Their most common application is in Ayurvedic massage. A kalari master uses the Marma points to heal.

It incorporates and links with ayurveda and has developed its system of healing and treatment for injuries that may arise marrma a result of the practice of Kalari. A great philosophy based on the Vedic culture of India. But the fact is, a Kalari-marma master is equal to Ayurveda Doctors.

A special feature of Kalari is training in ‘Marma’, the art of knowing and activating the energy points in the ka,ari. Prana life energy flows through the body channeled through marmas or vital points. A great system of vital pressure points based system of fighting and treatment using the principles of Ayurveda. Continuous use of these medicines in the human body creates a critical problem and becomes the cause for the death. Kalaripayattu evolved through centuries and is based on the idea of a sound poknts in a sound body.

In addition, the practice of this martial art requires great deal of body flexibility, physical strength, extremely high levels of mental concentration and a synergy of the mind, body and soul to be able to attack and defend the body with extremely fast reflexes. There is no such issues in Kalari marma treatment. Kalari is the Malayalam language spoken in Kerala word, for a special kind of gymnasium, where the martial art known as Kalari Payattu, is practiced.

Marma shastra, is a part of the ancient Indian martial art form that manipulates vital points in poits body, can be used both for self-defense and healing. People are unaware of this problem and continue this treatment and fall in big trouble. The requisite physical fitness is acquired by making use of a disciplined regimen of yoga techniques.


Marmas are conjuction points of consciousness in the body.

Traditional Kalari Marma Treatment | Kalari Marma Treatment

Marma Healing Marmas are the pressure points within the body usually close to the skin surface, where important nerves form junctures with muscles fibers, veins, bones and joints. Helpful for those involved in sports, Martial arts and dance.

There are major marmas in the body where Purusha consciousness is brought into Prakritti body to give life to the living being both humans and animals have these points. Kalarickal Ayurveda provides Kalari yoga and Kalari treatments including marma chikitsa. Marmas are the pressure points within the body usually close to the skin surface, where important nerves form junctures with muscles fibers, veins, bones and joints.

This would ensure proper healing after the surgery. Please enter a valid email. When Ayurveda and the modern medicine fail in many cases, the Kalari Marma Masters are the only Saviors, is an astonishing fact about Kalari Marma treatment.

Balances the sapta dhatu seven tissues of human body; plasma, blood, muscles, fat, bone, bone-marrow and semen.

Traditional Kalari Marma Treatment

The kalari master has extreme knowledge about psycho-physiological aspects and practical knowledge on the body’s vital spots ‘Marma’. The knowledge attained by the sages and yogies of ancient India, about the vital points led to the development of this unique treatment method. If the marma points are pierced hard, it could result in trauma or even death.

This is why Kalari-Marma treatment never fails. For physical endurance and flexibility. These vital points called marmas are used for correcting the body’s energy flows and replenishing its resources.

The other marma points are classified for better understanding according to the physical components:. Very effective self defense techniques – both armed and unarmed. Even if you do not suffer from any disease, you can use it to promote and rejuvenate the body and mind.