Items 1 – 20 of Dumortiera hirsuta (Sw.) Nees you can join if you are interested in participating in a survey for species like Dumortiera hirsuta (Sw.) Nees. National Distribution. United States. Origin: Unknown/Undetermined. Regularity: Regularly occurring. Currently: Unknown/Undetermined. Confidence: Confident. Download scientific diagram | Dumortiera hirsuta (A) Gametophytic thalli (B) Disk shaped antheridia with bristles (C) archegoniophore with several sporophytes.

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Dumortiera hirsuta is a large thallose liverwort that grows in humid sites, often close to water. Its name is derived from the presence of minute hairs at the thallus margins.

Threats to the species are poorly understood, but elsewhere it is at risk dumrotiera tree-felling activities that reduce humidity and shade and from water pollution.

The Glenarm locality is one of the northernmost known for the species, which reaches the northern limit hisruta its world range in south-western Scotland.

Species description The large dark green thalli are up to 12cm long and 2cm wide and these may form large mats or become pendent on steep substrata.

Bryophytes Liverworts: Dumortiera hirsuta

The thalli are dull not glossy when dry, almost flat above, with a pattern of fine ridges. There are no conspicuous air chambers or pores on the upperside of the thallus but its margins have a fringe of tiny hairs. Life cycle The plants form long-lived perennial patches.


Sexes may be on separate plants dioicous or different branches of the same plant autoicous. Reproductive structures horsuta occur near the thallus tip.

The male receptacle is up to 5mm in diameter with a stalk about 1mm high, the female receptacle up to 9mm diameter on a stalk up to 50mm dumortieera. Sporophytes only occur occasionally in the British Isles, ripening from May to September, with up to nine capsules on each receptacle. Similar species Although the occurrence of receptacles shows that Dumortiera is a member of the Marchantiales, it differs from most other large thallose liverworts of this advanced order by lacking obvious air chambers and pores on the upper surface of the thallus.

It is easily distinguished, therefore, from the commoner large thallose liverworts of the genera ConocephalumLunularia and Marchantiabut superficially similar to the more distantly related Pellia species.

Tropicos | Name – Dumortiera hirsuta (Sw.) Nees

Non-fertile Dumortiera is most easily distinguished from Pellia by its larger size, marginal thallus hairs and fine ridges on the thallus. How to see this species The only locality ihrsuta in Northern Ireland is in Glenarm Glen, where it was found in on dripping rock by the river in a wooded ravine.

Relevant access permissions should always be sought prior to visiting any sites. Current status It is likely that D. Uirsuta species is regarded as a priority for conservation in Northern Ireland because the British Isles and especially Ireland are the stronghold of its Dumortierq range: The species occurs in Western Europe, the Mediterranean region, Macaronesia, and widely in tropical regions of the world.


A population may also have suffered from pollution of water supplies by nutrient-enriched run-off from agricultural practice. Survey Glenarm to establish whether D.

If refound, ensure that the population is maintained through appropriate habitat management. What you can do The large thallose liverworts are easier to identify than many bryophytes, since with experience most of them dumoftiera be determined using a x10 hand lens without needing microscopy.

India Biodiversity Portal

Contact the British Bryological Society with any potential records. Links British Bryological Dumotriera. British Red Data Books: Atlas of the bryophytes of Britain and Ireland. Liverworts Hepaticae and Anthocerotae. The distribution of bryophytes in Ireland. Dinas Powys, Vale of Glamorgan: The liverwort flora of the British Isles. Home Introduction Selection Criteria:: Dumortiera hirsuta — Dumortier’s liverwort. Click on map to open large map in new window.

Weisnerellaceae Dumortiera hirsuta is a large thallose liverwort that grows in humid sites, often close to water. Why is this species a priority in Northern Ireland? It is rare and declining. Acknowledgements Contact us Cookie Policy Habitas.